3045 Chemin De La Chapelle,
Mont-tremblant, Quebec


6.8 avg. rating
Reception 6.8
Facilities 7.8
Room 6.8
Treatments 6.8
Comfort 5.7
66% of guests recommend
based on 3 reviews
  • from Montreal, Quebec

    I got the feeling that this spa operates like a production line to move clients in and out as fast as they can. I had asked if I could have an eyebrow shaping added on to my 50-minute facial. The estitician spent 15 minutes doing my eyebrows (which were not even well-done) and another 30-35 minutes doing my facial. During the facial I was asked to spend another 20 dollars for a collagen mask. I complained before paying that I should not be charged for both eyebrow shaping and a 50 minute facial when I was only given a 50 minute treatment. The spa agreed to only charge me for the 50 minute facial and not the eyebrows.

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    6.79 out of 10
  • from Kanata, Ontario

    The appt. started 15 minutes late, with no apologies, it was an 11 am appt. so it shouldn't have been that behind. The pedicurist did not seem very experienced, and had to be asked to redo my heels as she didn't remove all the dead tissue. It was only 6 weeks since my last pedicure so there wasn't that much to do. The leg massage was short and ineffective. Overall one of the worst pedicures I've ever had! And I get lots. I complained at the reception and she shugged me off!

    4.36 out of 10
  • from Hudson, Quebec

    the spa was very nice, I was relaxed and enjoyed my experience. The hotel was much too warm, very dry and I had a lot of problem with my allergies.

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    7.62 out of 10