3900 Boul. St Jean
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec


8.0 avg. rating
Reception 7.0
Facilities 9.0
Room 8.0
Treatments 8.0
Comfort 8.0
86% of guests recommend
based on 15 reviews
  • I have been going to L Giroux for yrs, since the old location, the reception has never been great, thankfully the treatments and new facillities make up for the front desk.

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    8.0 out of 10
  • from Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec

    Recepition seemed a bit confused. I was called at home on two separate occasions to confirm my appointment but with two different times. Sara did my mani & pedi and she did an amazing job. Very friendly and thorough. My nails have never ever looked better. Amelie gave me the facial and she was good. I left feeling relaxed and radiant.

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    8.53 out of 10
  • I had an enjoyable afternoon at Lyne Giroux. Having read some of the negative comments about the reception, I was happy to be immediately welcomed by a receptionist and while she was attending something for me, another receptionist turned and welcomed me. When I commented that I was expecting a less cordial welcome and I explained why, she didn't complain about "some" customers but said she wished the customers would have let them know so that they could address the issue. I had a spa pedicure and manicure with a paraffin treatment. My consultant was very professional, even when there was a small mix up of stations, and made every effort to make me feel taken care of. I was originally booked for a Spa Manicure but when I told her of an allergy to shea butter, she immediately checked the products and checked with another consultant about how to provide me with a paraffin treatment instead without using a shea butter product. A lovely afternoon.

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    8.74 out of 10
  • from Baie-D'urfe, Quebec

    Very peaceful and welcoming.

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    9.71 out of 10
  • The treatments- massage, pedicure, manicure- were fine. Massage area and relax room décor and atmosphere calm and pretty. Greeting on arrival was barely OK. Entrance is too busy. People at front desk looked busy- found out later that’s partly because of inefficiency. Too much wait time between services- they actually seemed to forget about us, so our treatments were delayed. That messed up their schedules, as well as ours. Our manicures and pedicures seemed a bit rushed as a result. Then they left us for 45 minutes in the relax room where our blooming flower teas were never served. Teas were ready while we were changing- that didn’t work for us. At the cash they didn’t know which package we had and they wrongly billed for bottled water that we not only didn’t get but were never offered. No apology: for wrong billing, for not getting our special teas. They thought that giving us the little tea pack to brew at home was sufficient; we found it rude and condescending. Unlike other spas, here was no attempt to make us feel wanted; to make us want to return; and we won’t!

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    6.59 out of 10
  • from Baie-D'urfe, Quebec

    I have had pedicures. Found them to be very good and long lasting. Great staff and atmosphere.

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    9.5 out of 10
  • Eventhough the reception area still has a bit of improvement required. We were a group of 6 women and we all had a great day. In between treatments while waiting in a relaxing area, any time a staff person walk by, they would inquire about our comfort and offer us a drink and complimentary parafine treatment. My only other comment would be for them to provide a bit more details for the treatments included in each package, so that customer expectation meet the level of the service provided.

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    9.09 out of 10
  • from Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Quebec

    The reception at the front desk was not warm and incompetent. The time they had scheduled me was not the right time and had I not called I would not know this and that one of the treatments in my package was not available. The actual treatments were very relaxing. The esthetician and masseuse that I had made me feel very relaxed and were very friendly. They could make me overlook the unfriendly receptionists to come back for another visit.

    6.18 out of 10
  • from Kirkland, Quebec

    The setting at Aqua Spa was truly beautiful and the treatments were exceptional. The service at the reception was well below standard in comparison to any other spa I have been to. We were interrupted during the bath session of the treatment - which was scheduled to last for one hour. We were commanded (literally pointed at) to leave the baths only 30 minutes later and were even threatened that the massage would be canceled. Extremely embarrassing - we were made to feel as if we were cheating and taking more time than allowed! After the treatment, the receptionist chuckled with her co-worker when I handed her the Way Spa gift certificate - very humiliating. I asked for a payment receipt and was told that it is not usually required. They finally printed a payment receipt for me - was it really necessary to object to my request for a receipt? Unfriendly, unwelcoming, and non-customer service oriented receptionists. This is unfortunate, because you must face them when you first walk-in and before you leave. Dealing with the receptionists ruined our entire spa experience. We were not surprised to read that all other reviews echoed the same concerns about the reception.

    4.59 out of 10
  • from Dollard-Des-Ormeauxs, Quebec

    The introduction did little to make us feel like we were about to have a "special spa experience". We arrived early and the reception desk area was mixed with confusion and seemed chaotic with so many workers milling around and talking to each other about appointments, etc.. We were told where to hang our coats in a coatroom with boots and items strewn all over that didn't feel secure enough to leave any belongings. One worker pointed to a pile of paper slippers that we could put on and then left. The reception desk was crowded with workers busy talking to each other and we felt ignored and were left to just stand around in the foyer waiting for someone to tell us where to go for about 15 minutes. When called to go into the spa we were summoned with only a hand signal and not by name which made us feel insignificant. Our appointment was made for a husband / wife treatment but only the wife was signaled to go in and the husband would have been left standing alone in the foyer, had we not spoken up. They looked puzzled but managed to work it out and we were both escorted to the treatment area together. The massage chair was large and the wife did not fit into it well and the technician did not seem aware of her discomfort even after she made some remarks about needing to have a cushion to raise her up because the rolling massage was starting in the middle of her back and going up over her head. However, the technicians were polite and professional and did their work gently and quietly which was greatly appreciated. Our exit was a repeat of the entrance experience. The wife had to access the coatroom by walking "behind" the desk area because she was only wearing her socks and they would have become soiled and wet had she walked to the coatroom in front of the desk area. Altogether not a good experience as in other spa establishments during the entrance and exit.

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    7.0 out of 10