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Hudson's Hope, British Columbia



Welcome to Torwood Resort & Spa

At the centre of Torwood's Real Estate Development is Torwood Resort and Spa with it's 1st class luxury accommodations and gourmet meals. Located in British Columbia’s North Eastern Rocky Mountains on Williston Lake, Torwood Resort is just 2 hours west of the Fort St. John Airport and the nearest neighbour to Hudson’s Hope, the last stop on the way to W.A.C. Bennett Dam. As you are leaving Hudson's Hope, going towards W.A.C. Bennett Dam, turn right at 12 Mile Road and take a breath, as you begin your 33 km journey to Torwood. Following the signs to Torwood, you feel as if you are entering another world, another time, leaving behind the stress and structure of your daily life. As you enter the world of Torwood, breath deeply the clean air and look around you, only the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and Williston Lake are there, enjoy... Soon you'll arrive at Torwood Lodge, the centre hub of Torwood Resort. Make sure you've made your reservations, the Lodge is very popular, and you'll need reservations for the Spa, Dining Room and any activities, as well. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by Torwood's ever friendly and helpful staff. Enjoy a tour of the Lodge before you put your feet up in your own luxurious guest room. Be prepared, there's no TV or telephone, so it must be time to finally relax and leave the modern world behind. Lounge on the Patio and have Torwood's experienced wait staff cater to your every need as you admire the spectacular scenery of Williston Lake nested within the foothills of the Majestic Rocky Mountains. Whether you take a Lazy Waterfall Boat Cruise across Williston Lake or Horseback Ride to the Portage Mountain View Point, it is always the adventure of a lifetime at Torwood Resort.