3900 Boul. St Jean
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec


8.0 avg. rating
Reception 7.0
Facilities 9.0
Room 8.0
Treatments 8.0
Comfort 8.0
86% of guests recommend
based on 15 reviews
  • from Pincourt, Quebec

    I thoroughly enjoyed my massage. Sebastian is very dedicated. Will see him again. When I arrived however, I found it too crowded at the reception. Staff were hanging around. I wanted to discuss something but people were always talking and the opportunity did not present itself. Did not like that at all.

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    7.62 out of 10
  • from North York, Ontario

    the spa is beautifull! that massage therapist i had i think her name was melanie was AMAZING! best massage i've had in a while, and i've had a lot of massages, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and worked on all the problem areas i talked to her about... on the other hand, the reception is HORRIBLE! the receptionist are young girls that know nothing about customer service, i waited an hour for my appointment and they didn't offer for me to go change and sit in the relaxing area that was available... they yelled at my friends for being a little too loud (we had no idea that it was a quite area and they could've said professionally that we were being a little loud, but instead they treated us like elementary school children)... it's really unfortunate that the receptionist are so unprofessional, otherwise i would've given the spa perfect marks, the prices are great and the spa is amazing... just make sure to ask for the robe when you go in cause they won't offer it to you... know what you're entiteled to before you go... my friend was not offered a robe, she didn't know there were showers or else she would've used all these emenities... all the therapists we had were amazing, the receptionist put a damper on the whole experience.... so go in expecting it...

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    7.35 out of 10
  • from Roxboro, Quebec

    The environment is lovely and beautiful to look at, which contributes to the relaxed atmosphere. My esthetician was extremely friendly and polite and we had a great time. She also did an excellent job of my pedicure - no complaints. However, I find the receptionists could use some improvement, in that they seem very busy and do not welcome you warmly - you almost feel ignored as they deal with the phone, etc. They did not invite me to sit down in a specific area or explain anything to me, which was lacking, I felt, as it was my first time there.

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    8.68 out of 10
  • The treatments that I had were very enjoyable and professionally done but the reception was not very warm and I was not made to feel welcome. as a first time client.Also I had to ask for a small thing like a glass of water and was not given any directions as to where to sit after my treatment to relax and ended up in the waiting room with the other clients waiting to be served.Lots of staff but not very attentive to clients needs.Overall the treatments were excellent but they could work on their customer service skills.

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    6.65 out of 10
  • from Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Quebec

    Services themselves were terrific. Massage and Manicure were very good quality. Big disappointment was that reception had no clue what to do with the "way spa" certificate. Receptionist says to her collegue in front of me "is this good? I don't understand how its possible to pay $80 for a $100 certificate" Very unprofessional. I was treated like I was cheating.

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    7.77 out of 10