5120 Dixie Road Unit 16
Mississauga, Ontario



Dixie Square Health

At Dixie Square Health Clinic we have a multidisciplinary approach to healing our patients. We are located in the Mississauga area and we offer a variety of top clinical services for families and seniors:
Physiotherapy 物理療法
Chiropractic Care 脊椎按摩療法
Acupuncture 針灸冶療法
Naturopath 自然療法醫生
Massage Therapy 推拿/按摩療
Osteopathy 正骨療法
Motor Vehicle accident (MVA)交通意外創傷療法
Hydrotherapy 水疗療法
Hajima 放血療法
Cupping 拔罐
Reflexology 足底按摩
Employer Services
Insurer Services
Work Related Injury Program and Services
Family Physicians
Musculoskeletal Model of Care
And more..


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