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Welcome to Donna Sam/Energy Healing & Detox Massage Studio

-  lymphatic drainage detox massage - to get toxins out of body, increase energy, lose weight, belly fat, cellulite, help fluid retention (swollen ankles/legs/arms or bloating in abdomen caused by fluid retention), skin issues like eczema & also anti-aging effect, PMS & hormone issues (e.g. swollen breasts, cramps, irritability, hot flushes, adrenal fatigue), help digestion issues like bloating, improve circulation, calm the nervous system, also relieves pain e.g. foot pain, hip pain, knee pain and Stanford University has also found 88 percent reduction in pain, etc - more details on my website www.vandonnasam.wordpress.com   . First time $59/hr (reg $85/hr) or $99 for 90 min (reg $125 for 90 min.). The 90 min includes a half hour back massage while the one hour is just the front of the body. You can also substitute a half hour cellulite massage (or Fluid Retention ) if you don't want a half hour back massage with the 90 min session.

Stanford University proved that declogging your lymph system will help you burn fat and flush out toxins. See blog in my website.

Celebrities and models such as the Victoria Secret models get lymph drainage massage done and it has become popularized in Instagram in New York and L.A. Two of my regular clients tried it there and paid $300 USD for a session!

- energy healing - includes reiki, therapeutic touch, chakra clearing, aura balancing and grounding . Calms the mind, very good for anxiety,stress relief, releasing held in emotions, balance the chakras. First time $59/hr (reg $85/hr)

-energy healing/back massage combo - includes 1/2 hr seated healing (therapeutic touch, chakra clearing, aura balancing, and grounding) and 1/2 hour back/shoulder/hips massage. First time $59/hr (reg $85/hr)

- relaxation massage first time $59/hr (reg $85/hr). Whole body massage blending techniques from Swedish, Thai massage and shiatsu. You will be so relaxed you will sleep like a baby.

Optional add on of a half hour seated energy healing consisting of chakra clearing, therapeutic touch, Aura balancing, and grounding for $40 more to a relaxation massage or to a lymphatic drainage massage.

- back massage, first time $69/hr (reg $95/hr) - includes head/neck/shoulder massage, back, shoulders, hips, glutes, back of legs including hamstrings and calves. Can also include 10 min. of foot reflexology or time on front of legs (quads/shins/IT band) if you advise me at beginning of session so that I can allocate my time. This massage incorporates techniques from Swedish, Thai massage and shiatsu.

-Foot reflexology / back massage combo, first time $69 an hour (reg. $95 an hour)