Glow Day Spa

4 out of 5
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178 Essa Road
Barrie, Ontario

10.0 avg. rating
Reception 10.0
Facilities 10.0
Room 10.0
Treatments 10.0
Comfort 10.0
90% of guests recommend
based on 11 reviews
  • I have been consistently going to Glow Day Spa for approximately 2 years now for eyebrow tint and wax by Melanie. Melanie is kind, professional, and very knowledgeable! The reception staff are great and accommodating. I would highly recommend this service!

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    10.0 out of 10
  • This is the best spa in the area by far! They really know how to do a manicure and pedicure properly, (everyone is so good there and I consistently have great results). They also do amazing lashes and more!

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    10.0 out of 10
  • I had a very disappointing visit to Glow Day Spa. I called asking specifically for a treatment to treat dark spots/uneven skin tone. I booked a facial, according to the staff recommendation, a facial that I was told would improve dark spots. I also booked a french shellac manicure. The reception was lovely as well as the reception staff. Upon entering the treatment room for my facial, the technician stated that the treatment would do nothing to improve dark spots. I was very disappointed, as this was a very different story than the booking staff had stated and the reason I had booked this specific treatment. Regardless, I continued with the treatment for the relaxation aspect. I then returned to reception. My second threatment was 45 minutes late. The technician barely spoke to me, leaving me for other clients and did a very poor job of my nails. The white tips of my french manicure were wide, thick and not straight. There was polish all over my fingers as well as under my nails. I stated that I was unhappy with the service and was left with no solution. I was very unhappy with my treatments.

    8.6 out of 10
  • Just had a body polish and facial this morning and feel like a new woman. Thanks, Kim

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    10.0 out of 10
  • I love going to Glow Day Spa. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is bright and airy... I always leave the spa refreshed and ready to go. The new Aveda line is amazing! Highly recommend you try.

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    9.71 out of 10
  • from Kitchener, Ontario

    Overall the spa has a warm and cozy atmosphere with friendly and hospitable staff. I had a pedicure there and felt the set-up was awkward. They put your feet in a shallow bowl which is held up with an iron stand. Usually the foot soak is my favourite part of a pedicure, but the dish was too shallow to soak my feet in so that was disappointing. Also, the iron stand kept slipping back and I felt like it was going to fall over. I would consider visiting the spa again for a different treatment.

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    7.21 out of 10
  • from Toronto, Ontario

    it was very pleasureable and enjoyable

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    9.56 out of 10
  • from Ontario, Ontario

    Had a mani and pedi. Pedi was awkward; foot soak felt like a puddle; done in a shallow dish the technician had to fill with water and empty. Mani's are done in the foyer of the salon and the door was constantly opening on a freeeezing cold January morning so there were constant cold winds coming in. Very, very uncomfortable. I won't return for a mani or pedi but would like to try the lash extension treatments. Staff was very accomodating.

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    7.68 out of 10
  • Glow Day Spa is wonderful! Every staff member is always warm and welcoming and makes every effort to ensure that you have an enjoyable spa experience. My friends and I go on a regular basis and love it - I recommend Glow to everyone :)

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    9.71 out of 10
  • from Barrie, Ontario

    I thought the service that I had was wonderful but was very disappointed when they lost my appointment for my second treatment and not much was done to try and correct the error.

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    7.41 out of 10