Holtz Spa Ottawa

4 out of 5
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135 Rideau St
Ottawa, Ontario


8.4 avg. rating
Reception 9.8
Facilities 8.3
Room 8.4
Treatments 7.8
Comfort 7.6
100% of guests recommend
based on 6 reviews
  • from Mississauga, Ontario

    Loved this spa! The Detox to Wellness package was just perfect for me. Started with a wonderful massage, and finished with a facial and reflexology on my feet at the same time - wonderful experience. Highly recommend this spa, and I will definitely be back for more pampering the next time I'm in Ottawa.

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    9.7 out of 10
  • This Spa is Ok, I think it is a little overpriced for the quality of the service. The girl at the front desk was Very friendly - and even though I didnt have an appointment, she fit me in for a pedicure which was very nice and much appreciated. However, the lady who did my pedicure, although very nice - didnt look put together and didnt wear gloves during my pedicure. In addition, my pedicure was 35 minutes long. For $75, I dont expect my service to be shortened. Anyway, there are better options out there. Not worth the money.

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    7.0 out of 10
  • from Orleans, Ontario

    Relaxing!!!! Amazing!!! Wish I could do it every month.

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    9.15 out of 10
  • from Ottawa, Ontario

    Great spa packages, really good value for money spent

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    9.71 out of 10
  • from Orleans, Ontario

    An all-encompassing spa experience,

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    9.5 out of 10
  • from Ottawa, Ontario

    This is a lovely spa. However, I was dissapointed about a couple of things. I was not offered a robe and slippers for my facial appt. Also, it was a 9 a.m. appt. and I wasn't offered any tea or coffee - I thought these should have been basic things for a so called "superior spa". A little dissapointing...but the lymphatic facial was wonderful. Ariana in Ottawa

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    7.77 out of 10