Majesty's Pleasure

4 out of 5
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556 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario


Majesty's Pleasure I Cocktail Bar

Majesty’s Pleasure, is a luxury spa, cocktail bar and event space with two locations in Toronto. Her Majesty’s Pleasure is a luxury spa, a fully licensed cocktail bar, café, social venue and luxury retail boutique offering the most unique lifestyle experience. We use award winning design to achieve a blended sense of luxury and escape, while our services invite clients to partake in life’s best pleasures. Truly the royal treatment. Everything we do at Majesty’s Pleasure has been thoughtfully designed, developed and acquired with the sentiment of love and happiness – wellness and beauty inside and out. The idea of having the choice to both detoxify, as well as invigorate and intoxicate your senses (in a single venue), gives our guests the best of ALL worlds!