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Welcome to Seta Wellness & Skin Clinic

Seta is dedicated to wellness, holistically focused and Ayurvedic in her approach. All services emphazise wellness through the essential building blocks of diet, nutrition and bodywork. Selected individually, or as a program, her effective treatments will increase your energy and vitality levels, enhance your wellbeing, and make a complete difference in how you look and feel. Seta specializes in creating an environment for your body which is healthy, stress-free and radiant with life and energy. SETA KERIM, RNCP Seta is a registered nutritionist and esthetician with over 27 years experience in her field. Throughout her practice, Seta is dedicated to the holistic approach to wellness. She is highly trained and committed to balancing the body, mind and soul by successfully applying nutritional counselling, Ayurvedic bodywork, lymphatic drainage and skin & body treatment.