Totto Spa & Salon

3 out of 5
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2271 Queen Street E.
Toronto, Ontario

9.5 avg. rating
Reception 9.0
Facilities 9.5
Room 10.0
Treatments 9.0
Comfort 10.0
65% of guests recommend
based on 20 reviews
  • What can I say, I wanted to treat my wife to a day she would remember and that's exactly how she felt after leaving. The treatments were relaxing, the spa was extremely clean and the staff did all they could to make her day amazing. She had a choice of lunch to accompany her full spa day, some snacks and refreshments. I think I made a great choice sending her to TOTTO SPA! Thanks

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    10.0 out of 10
  • Had an absolutely wonderful visit here! Definitely skeptical based on the reviews but decided to try it out given how near it is to my new place. 2 of us went, we had 2 massages and 1 facial total - the treatments were great, but more than that we enjoyed the overall experience. Lovely decor inside, after the massage I used the hot tub and sauna where they brought glasses of wine and some cheese to snack on, all complimentary. Overall, had a great time - seems like some of the negative reviews are for hair which I can't comment on, but the massage, facial, hot tub, sauna and overall experience was wonderful.

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    9.0 out of 10
  • The male hairstylist did a good job highlighting my roots, but didn't cut my hair anywhere close to what I requested. Parted my hair on the wrong side, styled a 'flip' at the ends (which I never asked for), length was way too long and hardly any layers at all, overall made me look like Farrah Fawcett, GREAT. Having to guide him though undoing the hairstyle he chose and getting it even remotely close to what I asked for was was awkward as &$*%! I had a great experience with Volum in Waterloo, would endure a 3 hour round trip for a great haircut over this place again.

    4.2 out of 10
  • I Aldo was hesitant about all the reviews for this place, but my husband got me a gift card and so I went. Everything was awesome about this place! Everyone was warm and friendly. My beauty therapist was Kelly. She was the best! I love going to spas but from now on I will only go to Kelly! She has a great sense of humor, a gentle touch and is quirky and professional! I love her! She did my massage, facial and mani/pedi. The massage was perfect! Not to hard not to light! I highly recommend her! The people here are all very nice and seem like they enjoy there work. Sarah at front desk is great to talk too while your waiting. I can't wait to go back!

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    9.38 out of 10
  • I was always very hesitant to have a massage, but then I did and decided it was my new favorite thing. I was so relaxed afterwards. Great first experience, I intend to have a massage more often. I also enjoyed my mani/pedi and facial. Intend to use the hot tub the next time Im there :)

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    8.32 out of 10
  • I use my wayspa gift card and treat myself. And the result was they pampered me from top to bottom. I was upset when i had to go back to reality. I had my hot tub on the roof top, then an hour massage, he was soooo good. After the massage i felt i was walking in the air, very relax. Then i had sea salt body scrub, and suna, back to the hot tub. Then facial, my skin was so soft like brand new. Then they gave me lunch, then i had Pedicure and Manicure. Then i thought i ask for hair cut. the hair stylist William was outstanding, he cut and color my hair. After i left the spa, i felt like 20 years younger, and brand new. Thank you Greg, Nabe, and William.

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    9.71 out of 10
  • Worst spa I have been done. Uptight di not know what they were doing people switching and changing all time, did not give me what they wanted as they were switching around all the time. Will never go again or recommend, complete waste of money and time.

    3.24 out of 10
  • from Toronto, Ontario

    My aesthetician (Nabe) was amazing. The facial made me skin feel so rejuventated and soft. Her viatmin advice and do's & don't to beautiful, healthy skin was a bonus! Thanks!!!

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    8.32 out of 10
  • from Toronto, Ontario

    This was the worst massage I've ever had - and I've had many massages at different spas. The massage therapist was terrible. She was very young, and acted like it. Would NOT stop talking. I told her at the beginning that my primary reason for being there was relaxation. I had some tension in my shoulders. She ATTACKED me. I said more than once that she should go lighter, less pressure, etc. On two separate occasions, I told her to just plain STOP what she was doing, because she was hurting me so much. I could not wait for the massage to be over. Now, a day later, I feel like I was PUNCHED. I have much more pain in my shoulders and my back than before I had the massage. I feel like I'm BRUISED all over my back. THIS IS A TERRIBLE SPA. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE. I wish I could get my WaySpa money back, so I could go to a real massage therapist to fix the DAMAGE this person did to me.

    2.12 out of 10
  • from Toronto, Ontario

    My experience was pleasurable.

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    8.38 out of 10