Bouvardia Spa

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728 Burloak Drive
Burlington, Ontario



What Is Our Philosophy?
At Bouvardia, our philosophy is that spas along with the benefit of beautification also help mental, physical and spiritual well bouvardi-flowerbeing.You are working hard everyday of the year, moving with the fast paced modern lifestyles, and it’s time you gave yourself a break by retreating to a serene, relaxing atmosphere where it’s all about you.
A good spa treatment restores the balance of spiritual, physical and mental well being which can become out of balance in busy life routines. At Bouvardia, it is all about you, our primary goal is to make you feel your best.
Where Are We Located & What Do we Offer?
A conveniently located Oakville Spa and Burlington Spa, Bouvardia is a sanctuary that allows you to shut off the noise of the busy outside world and indulge in that much-needed “me” time. This is the place for relaxation, rejuvenation, and replenishing that will boost your energy levels and well being to combat busy lifestyles.
Our friendly and specialized staff provide personalized care and attention to your wellness needs. We offer the most innovative and state of the art techniques which nurture and replenish the skin, body and the mind. The balance of the mind, body and spirit involves being at one with nature as well. This is why we use natural ingredients, extracts and essential oils that evoke a sense of serenity and earthly calmness, as well as improving the health and vitality of your skin


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