3071 Pharmacy Avenue
Toronto, Ontario



Wellness vs. Preventative

Meet the Business Owner
Debbie L.

Debbie L is a registered massage therapist. Though originally was in a different line of professional work, upon reading a book "The Wellness Revolution" by economist Paul Zane Pilzer, she started the pursuit in alternative medicine. 2200 hours of massage therapy training in the best massage school amongst, Sutherland-Chan prepared her being a confident health care professional. Worked several years along with other health care professionals in rehabilitation clinics, she helped many clients relived their sufferings from Motor Vehicle Accidents, Sports Injuries, Work Place Injuries as well as postural related muscle overuse complaints. Strongly believing in the healing and curative properties of massage therapy and traditional Chinese medicine, she opened up her own clinic in 2012 to share her knowledge and dedication to treatment and prevention of pain and illness.


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