6954 Lundy's Lane
Niagara Falls, Ontario


10.0 avg. cote
Réception 10.0
Installations 10.0
Chambre 10.0
Traitements 10.0
Confort 10.0
88% de clients recommande
basée sur 34 commentaires
  • It was my first time at this Spa and it was the best one I have been to so far! Amazing massage, fabulous facial and so on. Everything is excellent there! I totally recommend this to ANYONE and I will surely go back there. Thanks so much Virginia for making my day :)

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    10.0 sur 10
  • I have a very high standard of expectation when it comes to spa treatment, but i find that this small little spa has given a great service when i came to visit with my other 3 friends. We all had full body massage which is AMAZING, i was out after 5 mins! Also very nice aromatherapy facial. Both service was just GREAT, the facility was just ok, i didnt come there for the facility i was there for Massage and facial. The room was small but very clean, thats all matter. Above all, virgina was a very warm, welcoming and just amazing host, so DO NOT hesitate to come to this spa, make an appointment! Again, for those who are Image oriented and all about LUXURY spa, pls spend your money to another LUXURY spa, coz you will end up making a bad comment about this wonderful little spa but GREAT service. For those who likes to get their money worth, and Great Service, i encourage you to call virginia and make an appot, you WONT regret!

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    9.2 sur 10
  • à partir de Scarborough, Ontario

    Very enjoyable experience. They don't have the massage chairs most places have now for pedicure, but that was ok. I had Virginia and she was very nice, she messed up two of my nails, but took the time to fix them. The lady who was taking care of my friend seemed a little weird. She chewed her gum loudly with her mouth open. I would probably go back as the prices are reasonable, but only get a regular mani instead of a French mani.

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    6.79 sur 10
  • à partir de Port Colborne, Ontario

    Great experience. Estheticians were very friendly and made you feel very comfortable.

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    8.94 sur 10
  • à partir de Niagara Falls, Ontario

    Virginia is very welcoming and gave the best massage I have had (hot stone). It's nice for locals as it is reasonably priced. Would go back again!

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    9.29 sur 10
  • à partir de Niagara Falls, Ontario

    Virginia was very friendly and professional

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    9.09 sur 10
  • à partir de Thornhill, Ontario

    Very friendly and welcoming. Told us what would be happening and made sure we were comfortable at all times. Great staff and experience. Would definitely recommend and go back

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    8.53 sur 10
  • à partir de Crystal Beach, Ontario

    It was great

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    9.5 sur 10
  • à partir de Niagara Falls, Ontario

    Spa could be freshen up Staff were excellant

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    9.15 sur 10
  • à partir de Crystal Beach, Ontario

    We went for the couples massage, and stayed overnight. The staff was very friendly and courteous. I had asked if we could possibly go from our rooms to the spa, in robes, as we weren't headed back out, but was told not to. And after being there, there was no reason why we couldn't have. The spa is located in the LL, which totally bypasses the main lobby. We were also told the restaurant would be open for breakfast, only to find out that it's closed during the winter hours. The massages themselves were fabulous, and Virginia and Lana were very friendly and professional. Overall we enjoyed the experience.

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    9.07 sur 10